Dear communicators and big data enthusiasts,

The big event is getting closer, and before we meet for an exciting night of conferences and networking, time has come to get acquainted with the four speakers that will deliver a speech!

Today's post will introduce two of our guests: Janet Morgan and Matt Nowell. You will be able to find out more about the two other speakers in the next post.


Janet Morgan is a communications professional, with a background in science. She works as a consultant, specialising in the areas of technology, health and science.

She has worked with some of the world's biggest brands, directing international product launches and campaigns. Janet uses her expertise to help organisations enhance and protect their reputation, and engage with stakeholders - creating the environment for success.

Janet is fascinated by the potential of digital technology, and her speech will give us insights on how it can be used to improve engagement and change behaviours.

Talk title: Employee communications

In any large organisation, somewhere in the communications cascade, information hits the "impermeable membrane" and fails to get to reach those further removed from senior leadership. But new tools and technology can support leaders sharing information - and the data this produces can help to poke holes in the membrane.


Matt Nowell works for IBM, as an Executive HR Advisor, and has 18 years of extensive experience helping HR leaders across Europe. He has worked in multiple industries, bringing his expertise and creative thinking in new projects and challenges.

Matt has worked with many organizations on the design of employee experiences, aimed at helping them reinvent the way they attract, recruit, engage and enable their people to maximise business performance.

Talk title: Engaging talent in a digital world

Matt's speech will examine a unifying approach to enhancing employee engagement and productivity.