For the second consecutive year, Leeds University Business School (LUBS) is teaming up with the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) UK for the organization of an event full of opportunities: "Thinking Big Data". Our organising team is proud to invite fellow students, staff, alumni and professionals for an evening of talks and networking.

The 2016 edition focused on Business Communications and its new frontiers. This year, Big Data has been unanimously approved as a topic of interest: in our fast-paced environment, reputation can't be considered an intangible asset anymore. Communicators are directly affected as they are expected by organisations to demonstrate the tangible benefits of their doing.

Every day, organisations are inundated by large volumes of data; however, the quantity doesn't matter as much as how companies use it. Indeed, data analytics are a fabulous tool to gain insights on their customers, and lead to smarter strategies and more informed decisions. Building on this, our event will aim to explore:

  • How are data analytics used, and how can they help communicators better understand their stakeholders?
  • Can data analytics help us adopt a bespoke approach to engagement?
  • Can data analytics be used to support an organisation's strategy and objectives, and how?

Save the date! The "Thinking Big Data" event will be held on March the 22nd in the LUBS Maurice Keyworth Building, and will involve a series of short conferences given by professionals from the industry, followed by a networking reception. This is a free event, open to anyone from communication students to people more generally interested in data analytics and their use in contemporary business.

Please note though that we have a limited number of seats so registration for the event (via Eventbrite, see link below) is necessary to avoid disappointment!

We hope to see many of you!


The organising team.

To registrate, follow the link: